Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Question Answers
Does Credit Society work under Reserve Bank of India? Credit Society works totally under Department of Co-Operative Credit Society regulations & their regulations.
Is this necessary to become a member for opening a Savings account with you? Yes, you mast be a at least nominal member of our credit society, for opening a any type of account with us.
Do I need to have any reference for becoming a member of our credit society? Yes, reference of two (2) existing members is a must for becoming a member of our credit society. There is a provision of their signatures on onr new member form
What are the other requirements for becoming a member of our credit society? Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Address Proof & our nominal membership form duly filled up along with the membership amount, are the basic requirements for becoming a member.
Is there any additional benefit for Senior Citizens & Handicapped Persons? Yes, Senior Citizens & Handicapped Persons have a benefit of additional rate of interest on their deposit accounts. Please see Types of Deposit Accounts
Is this necessary to become a member first, even for availing a loan facility from you? Yes, you must be at least a nominal member before appling for the any type of loan. You must have seen above that the same is required, even to open any deposit account with us.
Can I deposit any cheque, received to me of other bank, in my account with you? Yes you can deposit any cheque to the sum of maximum Rs. 50,000/- in your account with us but in case of any amount above Rs. 50,000/-, you may receive cheque in the name of Kanchangauri Mahila Credit Society for the credit to your account with us.
Can I be eligible to take loan, immediately after becoming a member in your credit society? No, for availing any loan facility, you must be a member, six (6) months prier to your loan application.
Can I deposit money to my Savings account to any of your branch? Yes you can deposit money to account from any of our branches.
Do we have locker facility in your credit society? Yes, we have locker facility with our main branch.